What Are We Looking For?

We accept fun and functional stuff for the home, wardrobe and garden, such as; any sized clothing for all genders and kids from 6 months to 10 years, kitchenware, home decor, side tables, lamps, mirrors, art, shelving, dressers, chairs, rugs, crafting supplies, games, books, pet supplies, records, lamps, costumes, linens, and more! 

When bringing clothing items in for consideration please make sure they are clean, seasonally appropriate and in good condition. Keep in mind that we buy clothing and seasonal accessories to sell during the three months following your appointment.  

When Can I Drop Stuff Off?

We are taking in new merchandise at Take It or Leave It on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Click here to schedule.

Has My Stuff Sold?

Please call us at 503-206-5059 or email us at takeitorleaveitpdx@gmail.com to check on the status of your account. 

Can I Sell Furniture?

Please send furniture pictures to takeitorleaveitpdx@gmail.com. We will assess whether it’s something we can sell and make sure we have room to accommodate. Once approved, furniture pieces can be dropped off outside of a scheduled appointment time.

What is trade credit?

Trade credit allots you 40% of our market value to be used as in-store credit. This percentage is accessible to you for use at Take It or Leave It for one year.

What is the percentage for consignment?

For items priced under $200, the consignor receives 40%. For items over $200, the consigner receives 50%. For handmade goods, the consignor receives 60%. Consignment accounts are isolated to each shop; the balance does not transfer and expires after six months.

What happens to merchandise that doesn’t sell?

After 90 days, merchandise will be reevaluated and either repriced, marked on sale, or donated to charity. Please check in with an employee if you wish to retrieve consigned goods. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged merchandise. Trade and consignment balances expire after six months.


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