Welcome Vicki Gustafson

Vicki is available for mending, altering or creating for you on Sundays from 12-3p. Feel free to bring in projects from home or alter items you find in our shop. Vicki is a very talented seamstress with lots of experience. She is extremely reliable and friendly. We are thrilled to have her on our team.

About Take it Or Leave it

Oregonian Chelsea Swanda opened her first consignment shop,
Give & Take Resale, in 2012 after several years of resale apprenticeship with Village Merchants in the heart of SE Portland. The Kenton neighborhood has proved to be the close-knit, supportive community Chelsea had hoped for when she opened Give&Take Resale in North Portland. What started as a small one-woman local resale shop has grown into a thriving community, inspiring the creation of a sister consignment store, Take it or Leave it, in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland.